Terms And Conditions

As a digital marketing agency our aim is to provide our clients with the utmost security after contacting us. Brands Creation is a website which is working under legal policies.

We are registered in (Country’s name) with the registered address to regulate our trade in a legit manner. These terms & conditions are applied in full force where the visitors can be satisfied, however if you have any opposition to any of the illustrated description you may halt your visit from the website.


We abide by the mentioned rules and regulations to run the website without any fault i:e:

  • Using illegally or intent to damage the website.
  • Publishing our content or any writing material without the consent.
  • Violating the laws that could impact the website in a harmful effect to the business entity.
  • To use the site or get engaged with any advertising affiliation.

There are certain units of this website which is highly restricted and is wholly owned by the company.

Confidentiality of your Belongings:

We make sure that your data is secured with us by securing your ID and password or any other confidentiality you have maintained with our website. We focus to keep your database intact and secured from getting breached.

Warranty Prospect:

Brands Creation does not approve any sort of warranties or representation application that is affiliated to the website. So, no warranty is provided in any sort of matter, while we keep our policies straight.

Managing Cookies and Privacy Policy:

Our main objective to imply internet cookie is to make affiliation and build a connection with the client and their identity. We also focus in straightening up our user interface and to retain the clients for other information.
Our company keep it straight and clear when it comes to make analysis regarding the site value. In this way we monitor the usage of the brand to foresee future activity to make the website more interactive. Our main for maintaining the cookies is:

  • To track your visit, we work in target cookies so that your visited pages and links are secure with us.
  • They are important in operating websites.
  • It is easier to make analysis of the site performance overall.

Newsletters Via Email:

Once you sign-up for our email newsletter or other subscription we manage to secure your information and route the email newsletter safely with other product information to your email address. If you wish to opt out of the subscription service, you may do the same without any notice from the company.

Product Data:

We make sure that the specifications and illustration of our products are set under terms and condition. Every campaign is taken care of under consumer protection.

Cancellation Process:

We support and appreciate our clients to make cancellation of the purchase within the ‘cooling off period’ i:e: 7 working days. Once you apply for cancellation of the contract your funds will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation.


Our terms and conditions are emphasized under the legal procedures. Moreover, we concentrate on merging and developing the mutual consent from our consumers and company’s end to avoid any misinterpretation.