Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy administers in a way that the collected information and database from each user is maintained. The policy is applied to the website and all the relating products and services offered by our company.

Personal Information & Identification:

We also tend to assemble some personal information from the user in multiple ways for e:g: when a user paid a visit to the site, consumer insight surveys, product on the website etc. Its when the viewer visits the site anonymously, in this way we collect some information and identification of the visitor. Moreover, it is not a mandatory process as they can always decline to submit their credentials.

Web Browser Cookies:

We implement the ‘cookies’ system to improve the user experience. Web browser position these cookies into the user’s hard drive to track them with their credentials in future. It is totally depending on the user if they want to reject the cookies submission in their hard drive. If such command is received from the user, your website might not work properly.

The Collection of Information:

We aim to collect your information to the below mentioned reason i:e:

  • For improvement and enhancement of the services offered over the website.
  • To articulate the periodic emails.
  • We create a personalized user experience while visiting the site.
  • It is used to comprehend and gauge the user sense of using the product.

Our inclination is towards using the email addresses in order to circulate the response from the clients. It depends on the visitor if they are interested to sign-up for the newsletter for emails to be received from our campaign. Users are allowed to unsubscribe anytime they want from the sign-ups.

Personal Information Sharing:

Our main agenda is to secure user’s information from being breeched and we strictly keep our user’s information safe. Some of the generic information is shared like demographic info which is not connected with any personal identification which belongs to the users. We also take assistance from the vendors in order to help our company in being functioned properly which includes newsletters, surveys etc. the user’s information is being shared with these third parties just for a specific time.

Vendor Affiliated Websites:

The consumers may find some other service partner’s advertisements link to our site. We have no control over these links and are not in charge for the practices conducted on our website. Furthermore, these third-party websites may constantly add changes and has their own personal policies for the users. It is also in shape that the interaction and browsing to another website is based on their own customize policies and terms.

Amendments to Privacy Policy:

Brands creation has the option to make addition and subtraction through the policies any time. With the addition and editing of the policies we make sure that the same is updated on the site. We appreciate our visitors to check our policy web page to be updated and informed about our concepts to keep the information safe and sound. Once you acknowledge and registered to our site, it should be mandatory to check up on the upgrading policies.

User’s Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions:

It is important to show your acceptance of our created policies. This can indicate your choice to follow and be in our best interest to continue with the website advancement.

Contact Us:

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